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Space to Think, Mindfulness & Nutrition

Let Ella Owen teach you how to uncover your inner balance and innate wellbeing with Mindfulness, a Space to Think and Nutrition. Find out about the courses, programmes and consultations designed to support you with stress-reduction, clarity, wellness and vitality.

Mindfulness Courses & Coaching Programmes

Learn mindfulness meditation and reap the benefits of cultivating mindfulness in your own life. Find out more about our Mindfulness Now 8 week course, group workshops and bestoke one-to-one mindfulness-based coaching programmes.. 

Space to Think Sessions: "An incubator for clarity"

-where you can freely explore your freshest thinking on all that matters to you- within a thinking partnership that invites you to experience the power, intelligence and creativity of your own thoughts. These sessions offer you a person-centred, safe and non-judgemental coaching environment to help you move forward in your own thinking, especially if you feel blocked or stuck. 

Nutrition Health Coaching

-offering a personalised approach to support your overall health, sleep, energy levels and stress-related issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). To explore nutrition imbalances and wellness approaches to address that 'wired and tired' feeling and prevent stress burnout. Find out more here...

Nutritional Therapy. me


More about Ella Owen:

Ella Owen is a certified Mindfulness Teacher, Nutritional Therapist, Time to Think Coach and Nutrition Health Coach,  with over twenty years professional experience within the wellness field. 



How do I find out more?

To schedule a time to speak and for more information please contact Ella at info@ellaowen.co.uk


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